4 Benefits of Meal Planning and Prepping

Updated: May 23, 2020

Stick to Goals, Save Time, Save Money, Reduce Food Waste

1. Stick to nutrition goals

One of the main reasons people get in to meal planning is because of a nutritional goal that they have. Whether it’s sticking to a certain number of calories per day, following a keto diet plan, or trying to hit certain macros. It’s a great way to stay on track to reach your goals. With meal prepping you no longer have to worry about waking up early to make breakfast or forgetting to pack a lunch and having to run to Subway. All of your meals and snacks are prepared in advance.

2. Save Time

There are several other benefits to meal planning and prepping than just meeting nutrition goals. Often times I meal prep even when I am not counting calories or macros. That’s because I really value my time. Meal prepping saves time. When you have a list at the grocery store, it's much quicker to get in and out. Taking just a couple of hours on a Sunday to prep your food means you don’t have to spend time cooking your meals every day of the week. There are also fewer dishes to wash when you only cook once. I save about 5 hours a week by meal planning and prepping!

3. Save Money

Another benefit that I enjoy that is not related to nutrition is that meal planning saves money. By planning my week I know exactly what groceries to get and how much of each ingredient so I don’t spend extra by buying too much. Grocery shopping without a list makes it pretty easy to roam the aisles and pick up anything that catches your eye. That’s not a good practice for your waistline or your wallet. It also prevents me from spending money on eating out during the work week. I always have a healthy lunch packed!

4. Reduce Food Waste

This benefit goes hand in hand with saving money. When you don’t buy too much food, you reduce your food waste. Americans waste about 20% of all of their food every year. Think about getting 20% of the money back that you spent on groceries in a year! Corey and I spend about $100 per week on food. If we were throwing away 20% that would cost us over $1000 per year. Food waste is also a large contributor to climate change. So food waste is bad for your wallet and the planet.

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