Dragon Fruit & Sugar Cane

Updated: May 18, 2020

I love experimenting with new ingredients. This week I tried using Sugar Cane and Dragon Fruit. Here's everything I learned so that you can decide for yourself if you think they'd be worth trying. The best grocery store near me to find unique ingredients is Woodmans. They have EVERYTHING!


I've always wanted to buy one of these because they are gorgeous on the inside and the outside. These are also called pitayas and they are a fruit from a cactus species found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world.

I used the dragon fruit in a berry smoothie bowl. The trick to a smoothie bowl is to make it very thick. I used a food processor to blend frozen bananas, vanilla protein powder, frozen mixed berries, and a little bit of kefir. I topped the bowl with chia seeds, coconut flakes, dragon fruit, and star fruit. It turned out gorgeous and delicious! The texture is similar to kiwi and the flavor is like a mix between a kiwi and a pear with very light sweetness and mild acidity.


PROS: An extremely pretty fruit, perfect for Instagram

CONS: Very expensive at $9 for one fruit, flavor is too mild


Sugar cane is a tall stalk that looks similar to bamboo. The stalk contains about 15% sugar and the juice is extracted and refined to eventually form white sugar. The plant itself is not very versatile for cooking. The stalk can be sliced up and chewed on for a few minutes until it is no longer sweet, it can be juiced, or it can be used as skewers.

I chopped the sugar cane into 1 foot sections, sliced off the outer skin, then cut it into thin sticks. I made up steak kabobs, put them on the stove, and as it heated, the sweet juices released into the meat. The sweetness it added was very subtle.


PROS: It tastes good to chew on and it cost less than $4 for a full stalk.

CONS: It was a lot of work for little return. I also only needed a small portion of of the stalk and I don't have much use for the rest.

Would you try these making these foods?

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